About Us

    Brian was brought to life on Sunday, August 12th, 1979. He graduated from Southern Lehigh High School in 1997, having participated in Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track and many other school activities.

   Brian enrolled at Penn State University in the fall of 1997, starting out at the Penn State Allentown Campus. The following year he transferred to the University Park campus where he called 'home' for the next four years. Many enjoyable and lifetime memories later, Brian graduated with a Bachelor's of Architectural Engineering in May 2002.

   Post college graduation, Brian packed up all of his belongings that would fit in a Saturn and moved out to the Twin Cities where he started working for Gausman and Moore as an Electrical Engineer. He is currently an integral part of their Target Corporation team, traveling all across the country.


    Marilyn was born in Minneapolis, MN on October 13,1981. She graduated from Wazyata High School in 2000, where she participated on the varsity swim team, student council, a group called Y.E.S (youth extending service), and played on the rugby team. During her senior year, the Wayzata rugby team won state, the mid-west qualifer, and placed third at Nationals. Marilyn was also selected for the state select team that year.

    She attended Penn State University where she contiuned to play rugby for her first semester, until injury forced her into early retirement. She also was involved with a service sorority, and the art education association. She graduated in December 2004 with a degree in Art Education, and a minor in art history.

    Marilyn teaches art to 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at Fridely Middle School. When she's not teaching, she can usually be found "nannying" in the summers. If you would like to learn more about Marilyn and her love for art, go see her website, www.creating-art.com.