The Proposal

July 10, 2003

We went back to Penn State in July of 2003 for an annual event known as the Penn State Arts Fest. Our first night there, we went to Baby's, a 50's themed diner where we had our first date. For the first time since our first date, we were able to sit in our 'booth'. Marilyn was able to eat more this time (she ate about 3 bites on our first date, supposedly a case of the nerves she says) and we each enjoyed a peanut butter milkshake, to-go.

Brian hadn't been back to campus for about 9 months and wanted to see all of the new construction. As we were strolling about campus, it began to get dark and started raining. We initially tried waiting underneath a few trees and thought the rain had stopped. We no sooner left the tree and it started raining again. This time we took shelter underneath a bus stop. Again, the rain slowed and we continued where the rain started again. This time we went to the arts buiding where Marilyn had classes. At that point it started pouring down pretty hard. We went into the computer lab to see what showed and we were in a solid patch of green indicating it wouldn't let up anytime soon. Seeing that we were without umbrellas, we decided to continue our walk in the rain. As we approached the northwest corner of campus, Marilyn commented about how romantic it was to be able to walk campus with Brian in the rain. We got to the Lion Shrine and went up to it as it was the only time that weekend when there wouldn't be crowds of people surrounding it. At that point, Brian got down on one knee (in the mud!) and asked Marilyn to be the future Mrs. Binkley. Marilyn had to remove her glasses after fogging up from tears of joy.

Hardly 5 minutes went by and Marilyn got a call from a friend back home, Kelsey Peterson, asking if we had been engaged yet. Everyone just 'knew' that this would be the weekend.